Faculty Directory (Yoshiko Kato)

Name Yoshiko Kato (加藤 佳子)
Title 教授
E-Mail ykatou [at] crystal [dot] kobe-u [dot] ac [dot] jp
Degree PhD (Hiroshima University)
Research Field Health Education and Health Psychology
Faculty 国際人間科学部 » 発達コミュニティ学科 » 心の探究プログラム
Graduate School 人間発達環境学研究科 » 人間発達専攻 » 心理系, 1年履修コース
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Personal Site http://www2.kobe-u.ac.jp/~ykatou/about.html
Research Interest

Interdisciplinary fields of study in life and psychology, with emphasis placed on health behavior and health promotion