Faculty Directory - Graduate School [Division of Mathematics and Informatics]

Name E-Mail/Personal Site Title Research Field/Research Interest
ESCOLAR Emerson Gaw
(ESCOLAR Emerson Gaw)
e.g.escolar [at] people.kobe-u.ac.jp
Personal Site
Assistant Professor
INABA Taichi
(稲葉 太一)
inaba [at] kobe-u.ac.jp
Associate Professor Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis

Multiple Comparison
Quality Control

(桑村 雅隆)
kuwamura [at] main.h.kobe-u.ac.jp
Personal Site
Professor Applied analysis

Differential equations, Dynamical systems

MIYATA Takahisa
(宮田 任寿)
tmiyata [at] kobe-u.ac.jp
Personal Site
Professor Geometric topology

Shape theory (a geometric approach to spaces with locally bad properties) and its applications to fractal geometry and extension theory

(長坂 耕作)
nagasaka [at] main.h.kobe-u.ac.jp
Personal Site
Associate Professor Symbolic and Algebraic Computation

Symbolic-Numeric Computation (e.g. factoring polynomials and solving algebraic equations with inexact/erroneous coefficients) and Its Applications (e.g. making them available via the Net).

(阪本 雄二)
sakamoto [at] main.h.kobe-u.ac.jp
Associate Professor Mathematical Statistics

Statistical Asymptotic Inference, Stochastic Lisk Analysis