Theses and Dissertations

The following lists are examples of the recently accepted Master's theses and Doctoral dissertations.

Master of Arts

  • The relationship between working memory and lifestyle
  • An approach to the lived experience of a person with disabilities - From the perspective of "small story" in the life story
  • Factors of cognitive caregiving appraisal by family caregiving dementia patient - Focused on Psychological process until now
  • The cooperation for sustainable local community - A possibility of volunteer tourism in Japan
  • The lives and social consciousness of "Chugoku Zanryu Koji" - A case study in Kochi City
  • Community care for the aged people in contemporary Japan - On the integrated community care system
  • A study on the housing policy for young people in EU
  • Statistical methods for estimating potential of disaster waste generation from durable household goods
  • Studies on motor memory of force output in terms of the reproducibility of the muscle strength
  • Relationships between diet behavior and psychosocial variables among Chinese high school students
  • Noh and contemporary dance - Focusing on deconstruction
  • A study on the activities of KUMAZAWA Maroni in the Taisho and early Showa period - The transformation of the idea in photography
  • A study of help - Seeking preferences in mothers of adolescence
  • A study of influences in development of parental relation of adolescents
  • Various effects of psychiatric home nursing
  • A study on the inner world of healthy elderly people - Focusing on life theme expressed in d-MSSM
  • Musical Activity of young people and media - Referring to examples of internet society in 2010s

Master of Science

  • Synthesis of saccharide-modified DNAs that bind to influenza virus
  • Sedimentary characteristics of the 2011 Tohoku-oki tsunami at Miyato island and Ooyagawahama
  • Development of the single cell culture system essential for the gene transfection in hydrocarbon-producing alga, Botryococcus braunii
  • Constructing a natural algorithm considered implication relation of multiple subset hypothesis for multiple comparison
  • A topological approach to digital images
  • Multiple testing based on False Discovery Rate criterion
  • Numerical methods for partial differential equations

Master of Education

  • Conflict for the scene of "work together" - From the viewpoint of disability studies
  • A new way of the disaster education in the risk society - A study on development of ownership based on analysis of life histories by the narrative volunteer of the Great Hanshin-Awaji (Kobe) Earthquake
  • Research about the necessary environment and target involvement in understanding disabilities - Involvement through activities and experiences in a natural environment
  • A study of expressive movement program “Contact Dance” - Class practice of the elementary school upper grades
  • Learning progression for Japanese elementary students' reasoning about ecosystems
  • Conceptual subitizing in the early childhood
  • The development of toddlers' self-regulation - Focusing on the interaction in interpersonal conflict situation

Doctor of Philosophy

  • Application of clinical psychology to maternal and child health service: 'Psychological assessment of the support environment' as one of the techniques for supporting infants and parents
  • A fundamental study on the development of medicine education program for junior and senior high school students
  • Heuristic research on the temporality in TAT - From the viewpoint of the narrative based approach
  • Whose emotion do preschool children understand? : The recognition of personal trait in emotional inference
  • A study of the psychological factors affecting the onset, persistence and desistance of delinquent offending
  • An interventional approach for muscular strengthening behavior in independent healthy senior citizens: Program development of a Muscular Strengthening System for the Living Environment (MuSSLE)
  • A study of service quality in public sport facilities introduced the Designated Manager System
  • Research for exercise training to improve heat loss responses
  • Studies on the block clearance movement in a crouch start from the aspect of the force applied to the starting block
  • Gait variability and shock attenuation at the knee joint in patients who undergo total knee arthroplasty
  • A historical study on the urban space under the allied occupation Japan - The formation and the development of the black market in Kobe
  • Research for Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux’s sculpture - About CARPEAUX’s dual nature and its formation

Doctor of Philosophy in Science

  • A study of mechanisms of biodiversity declines due to land-use changes in agricultural ecosystems
  • The theoretical analysis on the reaction mechanism in the haloacid dehalogenase L-DEX YL and the design for modified mutant enzymes
  • Studies on OH formation pathways via syn/anti-Criegee intermediates in ozone-alkene reactions

Doctor of Philosophy in Education

  • Education as gift-exchange in Marcel Mauss's anthropology: Form of life and tradition
  • A study for secondary school drawing teacher's certification examination
  • Development of the argument skill in elementary school science education
  • Family support system based on local midwifery and family drop-in for the empowerment of women before and after their childbirth
  • Development of understanding representation in young children's drawing - Focus on drawing intention and understanding of others' mental states
  • A consideration on the subject building process of organic agriculturist - From action research in TG area of H prefecture