Visions of the Hub and Research Hub Base Plans for Realization

Visions of the Hub and Main Activities

The Hub aims to create cutting-edge research related to active aging that will contribute to the solution for issues that arise concurrently to the progression of an aging society. Our vision is to translate this research and introduce it to society and make an impact. To achieve and maximize our vision, we will employ the following activities:

  1. Research development activity (implementation and development of active aging research planning)
  2. Research transmission activity (accumulation and communication of active aging research information)
  3. Research support activity (proliferation and expansion of active aging research activities)
  4. Research network activity (coordination and cooperation between active aging research organizations)

Activities towards the creation of a research hub

As a platform for the development of the Hub’s vision and its main activities, the research hub will function with the following interdisciplinary, international, and inter-global themes. Furthermore, the Hub will be activated as coordinator for the creation and transmission of cutting-edge research.

  1. Interdisciplinary hub research base: Active aging will be regarded from the individual to cultural level as a pluralistic and comprehensive phenomenon, and new fundamental/applied research will be created as a core that connects multifaceted viewpoints with science.
  2. International hub research base: Aims for international research promotion and introduction of Asian aging society to the world.
  3. Inter-sphere hub research base: Researchers and related organizations who share the theme of “active aging” will promote joint research by breaking boundaries between industrial, government, private, and academia sectors. While functioning as a core for the hastening of coordination and the activation of research activities, it will also speed up social introduction of research results that directly lead to solving the tasks at hand.