Social Environment

A new field of study focusing on a comprehensive understanding of human and social development

globalization, regional society, cultural change, neoliberalism, third world, publicness

We live in a society that has a number of contradictions and serious problems. These appear at a host of circumstance and in a various ways. For instance, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident revealed the fragility of the industrial structure and our life style based on mass energy consumption. It also discloses the adversary of local communities which have no other option but to invite risky nuclear power plant to survive with allotted budget. The global financial crisis and the resulting political turmoil have exposed the fickleness of capitalism and the hollowness of justice and solidarity in the contemporary society. The poverty-stricken people of developing countries, who wish for nothing more than to be able to live and work, are utterly vulnerable to the interests of developed countries. It appears as if we are headed for catastrophe, unable to control our own society.

On the other hand, genuine ‘development’ of society overcoming contradictions can be achieved only in combination with ‘human development’ of individuals and human being at large. It is required that mankind should examine, for survival, the path to the crisis in the past then pursue ‘self-change as well as ‘social transformation’ in the future. In order to accomplish it, we must absorb the precious knowledge of existing disciplines such as economics, politics, law, history, geography, and sociology, while we must gain a comprehensive understanding of humankind and society free from the isolated conventional framework to each discipline. Social Environment Science is a new field of study concerned with gaining a better comprehension of society in order to shed light on the relationship between the human development and social development.

There are clearly challenges involved in developing a new field of study. Social Environment Science is still in its infancy. Participation and cooperation of students with passion for learning and research are required in order for this new field of study to develop further.

We welcome all students to join us in this challenge, and we look forward to working with you.


Name E-Mail/Personal Site Title Research Field/Research Interest
ASANO Shinichi
(浅野 慎一)
asanos [at]
Personal Site
Professor Social environment, Sociology

Immigrant workers in Japan, Japanese left behind in China after the War

(橋本 直人)
nhashimo [at]
Associate Professor Social Philosophy, History of Sociology

Theory and History of German Sociology

(井口 克郎)
inokuchi [at]
Associate Professor Social security, welfare state, disaster victims’ livelihood problems.

Social security as human rights, and disaster victims’ livelihood problems.

IWASA Takuya
(岩佐 卓也)
iwasa [at]
Associate Professor Industrial Social Environment

Industrial relations in Japan and Germany

OTA Kazuhiro
(太田 和宏)
otak [at]
Personal Site
Professor Development and Politics

Development and Politics

SAWA Munenori
(澤 宗則)
msawa [at]
Personal Site
Professor Human Geography

Based on the field survey, I am inquiring about the changes in a community accompanying globalization, especially in rural India and the diaspora in advanced nations.