Natural Environmental Science

Studying a wide range of scientific fields to approach the essence of the natural environment

diverse understanding of the natural environment, mutual motivation between different fields, material systems, life systems, from the earth’s surface to outer space, high degree of specialization and integration

Science in the 20th century became specialized and subdivided to such an extent that it developed into a highly complex field that grew enormously. Despite this growth, society today still faces complicated scientific challenges related to the environment and to our very existence. These include climate change, the need to preserve biodiversity, and questions related to resources and energy. Dealing with these complex issues and building a more sustainable society requires comprehensive knowledge that extends beyond traditional academic fields. Also required are experts and specialists who can coordinate individuals from different backgrounds and knowledge areas.

In view of this need, the master’s program (Natural Environment Course) and the doctoral program (Natural Environment specialization) are concerned with studying the structure of the natural environment, researching the human–environment interaction, and addressing practical issues of the human environment from the natural science perspective. Therefore, the instruction focuses on human and environmental issues such as pollution and the preservation of biodiversity and the natural environment. The course also helps students to develop a broad, fundamental understanding of material and life systems in our natural environment—from the earth’s surface to outer space.

In addition to a range of classes in different fields, the curriculum includes subjects such as environmental material science and environmental life science, enabling students to build a broad knowledge of graduate-level environmental science. Other subjects include advanced science and the environment, which deal with the latest, cutting-edge themes and subjects focusing on science communication and internships. These subjects provide the foundation for specialized research and the graduate thesis. The department welcomes students with a passion for developing a high level of specialization and exploring themes in the natural environment through communicating and interacting with fellow students and teachers in different fields.


Name E-Mail/Personal Site Title Research Field/Research Interest
AOKI Shigeki
(青木 茂樹)
aoki [at]
Personal Site
Professor Elementary Particle Physics, Cosmic-ray Physics

neutrino experiment, Cosmic gamma-ray observation

(蘆田 弘樹)
hiroki_ashida [at]
Associate Professor
EBARA Yasuhito
(江原 靖人)
ebara [at]
Professor Bioorganic Chemistry

Functional modified-Nucleic Acids
Synthesis of modified nucleic acids that inhibit virus infection
Synthetic Biology

ITOH Masayuki
(伊藤 真之)
mitoh [at]
Professor Astrophysics, Science Education

(1) Radon gas emission on the lunar surface,
(2) Mission planning for a hard X-ray survey observation of the universe,
(3) Participatory action research of systems to promote communication and cooperation of citizens and scientists

(小谷野 由紀)
koyano [at]
Assistant Professor
(窪田 薫)
kubota [at]
Assistant Professor
MINAMOTO Toshifumi
(源 利文)
minamoto [at]
Personal Site
Professor Aquatic ecology,Environmental physiology

We develop environmental nucleic acids (ENA) technologies and apply them to clarify the inter-relationship between human activities and ecosystems.

(大串 健一)
ohkushi [at]
Professor Geology, Paleontology

Quaternary Paleoceanography

(近江戸 伸子)
ohmido [at]
Personal Site
Professor Plant Environmental Biotechnology

Three research topics in plant biotechnology: 1. Plant genome and chromosome analysis and usage for crop productions, 2. Environmental responses of plant genome, 3. Development and usage of plant biomass for bio-fuels.

SATO Harumi
(佐藤 春実)
hsato [at]
Professor polymer chemistry, Polymer Physics

Crystal Structure and Physical Properties of Biodegradable Polymer

(高橋 覚)
satoru [at]
Assistant Professor responsible for GRAINE project Particle and Astrophysical Science

Gamma-ray Astronomy, Neutrino Physics, Muon Radiography

TAKAMI Yasuoki
(高見 泰興)
takami [at]
Personal Site
Professor Evolutionary biology

Sexual selection and speciation

TANI Atsushi
(谷 篤史)
tani [at]
Associate Professor Planetary Environmental Physics

We study material sciences under ultraviolet, plasma, or radiation exposure to understand earth and planetary environment.

(丑丸 敦史)
ushimaru [at]
Personal Site
Professor Plant Ecology, Urban Ecology, Biodiversity Science

Plant-insect interaction, Conservation of rare species