Mathematics and Informatics

Highly specialized mathematics-based division, aimed at students with a passion for the information environment

advancement in information environment, mathematical analysis of the intellectual environment, specialization in mathematical science, creative data processing, high-precision problem formulation, reliable problem-solving techniques

It is fair to say that our daily lives cannot function without digital information (even this booklet was in digital form until the time it was printed). Practically every aspect of society today is increasingly dependent on the diverse and highly advanced information environment. As the information age continues to advance, giving rise to certain issues, there is an increasing need for skilled individuals who can deal with those issues. However, a haphazard approach to an intellectual environment such as information serves only to aggravate problems. An important aspect of problem solving involves using various software and IT equipment effectively to formulate and explain a problem. It also requires employing mathematical techniques to increase the accuracy and reliability of the problem formulation and resolution strategies.

This division is based on these concepts, and our objective is to help students develop strong mathematical skills and an ability to propose effective solutions to various issues related to the highly diverse and ever more advanced information environment. In view of this aim, while being founded in traditional mathematics, the division also offers classes in other mathematical fields useful for dealing specifically with the many facets of the information environment. This approach enables students to understand the advanced mathematical theories and techniques required to operate in the increasingly complex information environment.
In addition to attending classes, students are required to formulate and conduct a specific research project under the close supervision of a tutor. Throughout the project, students apply their theoretical knowledge to address specific issues, and thus develop their academic ability as it relates to a practical purpose. The division welcomes students having a desire to explore the ever-evolving information environment.


Name E-Mail/Personal Site Title Research Field/Research Interest
INABA Taichi
(稲葉 太一)
inaba [at]
Associate Professor Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis

Multiple Comparison
Quality Control

(桑村 雅隆)
kuwamura [at]
Personal Site
Professor Applied analysis

Differential equations, Dynamical systems

MIYATA Takahisa
(宮田 任寿)
tmiyata [at]
Personal Site
Professor Geometric topology

Shape theory (a geometric approach to spaces with locally bad properties) and its applications to fractal geometry and extension theory

(長坂 耕作)
nagasaka [at]
Personal Site
Associate Professor Symbolic and Algebraic Computation

Symbolic-Numeric Computation (e.g. factoring polynomials and solving algebraic equations with inexact/erroneous coefficients) and Its Applications (e.g. making them available via the Net).

(阪本 雄二)
sakamoto [at]
Associate Professor Mathematical Statistics

Statistical Asymptotic Inference, Stochastic Lisk Analysis