Living Environment

Developing the ability to identify, analyze, and resolve lifestyle and environmental issues

quality of life (QOL), safety and security, sustainable, living space, life technology, life resources

The current era is considered an age of fluidity or a period of accelerated change. Aspects of our daily lives change from one moment to the next, raising new questions. The goal of the Life Environment Course is therefore to identify, analyze, and resolve present-day questions in three areas to constitute our life environment: living spaces, life technology, and life resources. The field of living spaces research housing, welfare facilities, green spaces, and cities, and to create a more desirable living space in terms of human development and the environment. Life technology is concerned with the manner in which human development is supported by functional products such as high technology fibers, devices for making physical measurements, and new sensing technology. It also relates to changes that such technology has brought to our living environment and present circumstances, as well as the technological trends. The fields of life resources concerns to produce, manufacture, and utilize resources that support our living environment, such as plants, food, and energy. This field also explores means to build a sustainable society by examining our inherited resources, environment, and energy from the perspectives of science, safety, and peace of mind.

This course has diverse interests based on both the arts and sciences, namely the social sciences, the humanities, and natural science. Students in this course will develop the ability to identify, analyze, and resolve issues related to the structure of our living environment. Teaching staff are involved in various specialties. Graduate students would have roles in proposing and implementing policy and hold positions in local administrations. They are also key persons in the corporate sector and are involved in planning and implementing strategies related to living spaces and activities. Many graduates also work for NPOs and NGOs that are concerned with local living and environmental issues. We look forward to welcoming students who are ready to challenge themselves in a range of different research areas.


Name E-Mail/Personal Site Title Research Field/Research Interest
(福田 博也)
hiroya [at]
Personal Site
Associate Professor Electrical and Electronic Measurement, Human-Electronics

Performance Evaluation of Thin-Film Sensors and Its Application to Bioinstrumentation

(平山 洋介)
yosukeh [at]
Personal Site
Professor Housing and Urban Studies

Housing and Urban Change

(井上 真理)
inouema [at]
Personal Site
Professor Clothing Science,  Kansei Engineering

Design of Textile and Evaluation of Wearing Comfort of Clothing

(近江戸 伸子)
ohmido [at]
Personal Site
Professor Plant Environmental Biotechnology

Three research topics in plant biotechnology: 1. Plant genome and chromosome analysis and usage for crop productions, 2. Environmental responses of plant genome, 3. Development and usage of plant biomass for bio-fuels.

OHNO Tomoko
(大野 朋子)
onotomoko [at]
Associate Professor Environmental Sciences and Technology, Landscape Architecture

My study major is academic basis fort ideal landscaping by conservation of human-plant diversity. In particular, I am interested in ecology, the culture, and the genetic diversity of the bamboos under human activity in Japan and Southeast Asia.

SATO Masayuki
(佐藤 真行)
msat [at]
Personal Site
Professor Environmental and Resource Economics, Lifestyle Analysis

The research issues are related to economic analyses of sustainable development and human life style. We boost empirical analyses using various data, not just a theoretical study.

TABATA Tomohiro
(田畑 智博)
tabata [at]
Associate Professor Urban environmental system engineering

My research aims to design a methodology to establish a sustainable society taking into account the relationship between our social and economic activities and the environmental impacts.

YUASA Masahiro
(湯浅 正洋)
yuasa [at]
Assistant Professor