Department of Psychological Development and Health Promotion

Understanding people from the perspective of mental development and health promotion

Principles of Study

Everyone share the desire to be physically and mentally healthy, and to fulfill ones complete diverse potential throughout life. People face various developmental issues and difficulties throughout life, and support is needed in a number of ways, regardless of age. Based on the comprehensive perspective of developmental psychology, clinical psychology, and health science, the major in Mental and Physical Development concerns research into mental development and pathology, physical development, and the contributing and inhibiting factors to health, and aims to achieve a greater understanding of the complex relationship between body and mind within the context of the social system, as part of a wide-range approach to human development.

Message from the Head of Department

The Major in Mental and Physical Development comprises two areas of study: the Psychological Development of life and the Health Development. The master’s program includes the following three areas of study: Psychological Development of life Foundation program, which deals with the fundamental issues in developmental psychology and the educational and clinical issues involved in developmental disabilities; Clinical Psychology, aimed at professional clinical psychotherapist training, which deals with mental issues such as mental health, pathology, and psychotherapy; and Health Development, which is concerned with health development and health education related to health promotion strategies to provide the foundation for life development. Each program offers thorough training in specific knowledge areas, and each is concerned with training students to proactively contribute to social development. Students in the doctoral program are engaged in further specialist and comprehensive study of the areas listed above, in addition to developing creative research skills and the ability to produce new knowledge independently.