Department of Human Expression

Open-minded and multidimensional investigation of human expression

Principles of Study

Whether we are conscious of it or not, expression is an integral aspect of human behavior. In this sense, expression may be considered the proof of humanity. Human expression ranges from individual, artistic expression, which is conscious and requires a high level of technique, to unconscious, collective, and popular expression and from traditional expression, which is rooted in history and the features of the land, to electronic expression, whose emergence via new technology is faint, yet real. With an open-minded approach and a broad perspective, this course examines the relationship between humans and their diverse forms of expression. Students in the course develop the ability to contribute toward creating and sharing the rich culture of expression of our mature society as facilitators, artists, and researchers.

Message from the Head of the Major

The major in Human Expression considers expression as a basic element of human behavior, and we endeavor to approach our subject with an open mind. The course aims to achieve this by integrating various artistic perspectives such as music and sculpture; social and lifestyle perspectives such as design, architecture, fashion, media, and urban culture; and applied perspectives, including music therapy and sense psychology. Our objective is to synthesize courses from music academies and art colleges and those in the humanities into an integrated and individual program of study under the umbrella of human expression. This approach will help students develop their awareness and practical ability in terms of the past, present, and future of expressive culture and behavior. From a societal viewpoint, it will develop their understanding of the significance and value of expression and the importance of artistic endeavor, while adding vigor to and influencing their abilities. Through this approach, students can hope to become researchers or artists capable of connecting artistic expression with life.