Department of Human Behavior

Considering active human behavior at every stage of life

Principles of Study

The major in Human Behavior concerns the academic study of human behavior and human development from view points of research into human behavioral development, aging, and adaptation in various human behaviors such as our daily activities, leisure, and sports. The master’s program allows students to develop the specialized knowledge and fundamental research and practical skills in every discipline, and to use these skills to make a positive contribution as highly skilled professionals to society after graduation. The aim of the doctoral program is to produce independent researchers who possess specialized academic ability and creative research skills, and university teachers who possess teaching skills in conjunction with an ability to do research.

Message from the Head of Department

The major in Human Behavior concerns the study of the physical, psychological, and social aspects of human behavior that relate to an active lifestyle at every stage of life. Specifically, in terms of physical aspects, the course explores the mechanisms and intricacies of physical activity, the development of physical ability, and aging phenomena. Psychological aspects include the manifestation, stabilization, and habituation of human behavior, and changes in cognitive ability and behavior associated with aging. From a social perspective, the course is concerned with sports promotion and sports culture.

An attractive aspect of this course is the enthusiasm that the instructors demonstrate for their specific field, and the way in which these fields overlap, allowing students to study the natural, human, and social sciences as part of their research. It is not possible to achieve an understanding of human behavior through a single field of study. Understanding from academic perspective is essential for research into human development in today’s society in which values are diverse and human behavior is complex and wide ranging. The major in Human behavior has systematic group teaching programs.