Undergraduate Admissions Overview


The Faculty of Human Development welcomes applicants who wish to proactively explore current issues related to human development and environment. The Faculty requires students interested in this major to demonstrate wide-range fundamental high school scholastic abilities in order to acquire academic expertise.

Programs Offered and Japanese Language Skill Requirements

The Faculty of Human Development offers degree programs and non-degree programs. Almost all the lectures are taught in Japanese. To apply for the degree programs, students must have Japanese language proficiency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking upon enrollment.

Degree Seeking International Programs

Entrance period is in April. Application period is between late January and early February. The entrance examination is given at Kobe University in late February. Selection is based on Individual Achievement Test, oral examination, the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) administered by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) (linked to http://www.jasso.go.jp/eju/index_e.html), and academic records. The selection result will be announced to the applicants in early March. All accepted applicants are required to pay a ¥282,000 matriculation fee at the time of enrollment. The annual tuition is ¥535,800. The University operates dormitories for international students. Any students who wish to reside in the dormitories may be assigned to a room if there is a vacancy.

Non-Degree Seeking Programs

The Non-Degree Seeking International Program is called Research Student Program. Research Students conduct research under the guidance of a prospective advisor. Entrance periods are in April and October. All the research students must pay ¥84,600 matriculation fee. The period of attendance is no longer than one year. The tuition per half year is ¥178,200. Applicants must search for and contact a faculty member as a prospective advisor, and then obtain advisor's approval before application. (No need to come to campus.)

Research Students

Research students pursue their research on specific topics under supervision of faculty members.

Students from Overseas Partner Institutions

The International Exchange Program under the Inter-University and Inter-Faculty exchange agreements enables students from overseas partner institutions to study at Kobe University. The Faculty of Human Development facilitates the short/long term exchange programs. Interested students should contact their home institution for information as well as application.


Contact the following e-mail address for admissions from overseas.
Academic/Student Affairs Section: admissions [at] h [dot] kobe-u [dot] ac [dot] jp

Tuition and Scholarships

Please check the following appropriate sites for tuition and scholarships. Please note that the tuition exemption system is not applicable to research students, credit-seeking students, or auditors.


Please check the following site for housing for foreign students.

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