Division of Health Promotion and Education

Comprehensive, systematic study of health promotion

health promotion, life skills, ecological health, physiological response to nutrition, health behavior, mental health

Health promotion involves the environmental and personal factors that influence human health. The former refers to “creation of a favorable environment,” and includes environmental policy, while the latter refers to “health education.” Among the staff, our watchword is “primary prevention.” Secondary and tertiary prevention related to treatment and recovery once a person has fallen ill are also important; however, such measures are generally very costly and less effective relative to the expense. Quality of life also suffers greatly while a person is ill or injured. For these reasons, we are more focused on “primary prevention,” with the aim of raising the level of people’s current health in order to avoid illness and injury in the first place.

The course of study covers the following areas:

  • Understanding the physical and mental components of the body, how they develop, and how they support the health of body and mind.
  • Understanding how the environmental factors that surround us affect human health, development, and our ideas and behavior with regard to health, and understanding how this takes place.
  • Using the knowledge acquired from this to develop, test, and implement health promotion and health education programs.

To promote this comprehensive and systematic course of study, a team of staff’s expertise covers the fundamentals of medicine, physiology, psychology, and behavioral science, as well as practical aspects such as health policy and health education. Our staff includes a number of individuals involved in specialized areas at an international level, as well as members and leaders of committees at the national and local levels. Many team members also play important roles in academic societies related to health promotion, health education, psychology, and physiology. Our program can therefore boast an outstanding environment in terms of research into health promotion.


Name E-Mail/Personal Site Title Research Field/Research Interest
(古谷 真樹)
m-furu [at] people.kobe-u.ac.jp
Associate Professor Health Psychology, Sleep Psychology

Our laboratory is performing both basic and applied researches for sleep science, including psychophysiology and health education.

KATO Yoshiko
(加藤 佳子)
ykatou [at] crystal.kobe-u.ac.jp
Personal Site
Professor Health Education and Health Psychology

Master’s degree programs are designed to identify factors that affect health ---particularly health behavior---with aims to improve HR-QOL and well-being

(村山 留美子)
murayama [at] person.kobe-u.ac.jp
Associate Professor Environmental Health

Air Pollution and Health, Public Perception of Environmental Risks

(中村 晴信)
hal [at] kobe-u.ac.jp
Personal Site
Professor Public Health

Urbanization and health