Division of Clinical Psychology

Detailed educational system and various clinical practice

clinical psychologist, comprehension of human as a whole, abilities of psychotherapy, research abilities, arts and healings, psychological and social support

This course is designed to provide students who wish to become clinical psychologists by gaining the necessary practical and research skills. This is the number one graduate course for gaining qualified clinical psychologist status, and the classes are provided according to the curriculum set by the Japanese Certification Board for Clinical Psychologists.

Through the practical training in Psychological Counseling Clinic, Institute of Developmental Support and external practical training facilities, the course enables students to enhance their expertise in counseling, play therapy, psychotherapy, and psychological assessment and developmental assessment in order to deal with children and adolescents with psychological or developmental problems. In recent years, members of the younger and older generations as well as families have been facing more and more issues that they need to deal with. Students receive detailed clinical instruction through individual supervision by course instructors and by analyzing case studies. Students are able to enhance their experiences and sensitivity through partnership with the human community creation center, and through voluntary community support activities. A major issue that requires attention is the need for teachers and graduate students to provide psychological and social support for people following the Great East Japan Earthquake.

The course also provides students with access to Hospital Kobe University, schools, childcare institutions, and judicial facilities, in addition to hospitals and schools associated with the Kobe University. People outside the university used Psychological Counseling Clinic for over 1,000 hours in 2010. The counseling room is managed principally by graduate students, and this lively atmosphere has a great deal to offer.


Name E-Mail/Personal Site Title Research Field/Research Interest
(相澤 直樹)
aizawa [at] kobe-u.ac.jp
Associate Professor Clinical Psychology and Psychological Testing(Projective Methods)

My specialized field is clinical psychology and psychological testing. It is projective technique and Rorschach test in particular. I am researching the narcissism(egocentrism) in youth.

ITOH Toshiki
(伊藤 俊樹)
0320ito [at] kobe-u.ac.jp
Associate Professor Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology, Changes of Images in Psychotherapy, Creativity of Artists

(河﨑 佳子)
kawasaki [at] diamond.kobe-u.ac.jp
Professor Clinical Psychology

Psychological development of the deaf children and psychotherapy with the Deaf / Psychological care for the abused children

YAMANE Takahiro
(山根 隆宏)
yamane [at] pearl.kobe-u.ac.jp
Associate Professor Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Family Support for Developmental Disabilities

Psychological Intervention for Children and Adult with Developmental Disabilities
Family Support for Developmental Disabilities

(吉田 圭吾)
kyoshida [at] kobe-u.ac.jp
Professor Clinical Psychology

Theories and practices of psychotherapies and clinical psychology.
Interpretations of cultural stories, cinemas, music myth and children’s Literatures.