Division of Expressive Culture

Expressive culture in a historical and social context

expression, design, architecture, media, music, fashion

Is it true that “expression” is purely the reserve of artists and performers? Those who believe it is should certainly look into the Expressive Culture course, where you will find a world of expression that you perhaps were not aware of. From the perspective of learning expressive culture, “expression” refers to anything that is proof of human life in all its forms. In this sense, expression does not come only from people with particular talents. The dynamic contribution of hundreds of ordinary people throughout the ages has bequeathed a legacy of objects and items, songs, cities, fads, and lasting traditions. Masterpieces of art are just as significant in number.

In this way, there have been bewildering changes to the environment and objects around us with the formation of modern society. In turn, these changes have an influence on human thought and behavior. The Expressive Culture course looks at the unique way in which expression has developed in modern times in fields such as architecture, design, media, fashion, music culture, and performing arts. The course is also concerned with the history and culture of man’s creative output and expressive behavior in a political, economic, social, and technological context. In addition, the course examines the potential of today’s expressive culture, which is shaped by the interactions between people, things, and society. As a result of your learning, your intellectual curiosity might well lead you to discover new forms of expression and a new side to human beings.


Name E-Mail/Personal Site Title Research Field/Research Interest
(平芳 裕子)
hirahiro [at] kobe-u.ac.jp
Personal Site
Associate Professor Fashion Theory

Fashion in Modern and Cotemporary Culture

OHTA Misako
(大田 美佐子)
misaohta [at] kobe-u.ac.jp
Associate Professor Music Aesthetics, History of Music

Musical theatre in the 20th century, modernism in music

(田畑 暁生)
akehyon [at] kobe-u.ac.jp
Professor Socio-Informatics

Media Studies

TANI Masato
(谷 正人)
tanimasato [at] people.kobe-u.ac.jp
Associate Professor Ethnomusicology

Ethnomusicological Research on the Concept of “Improvisation” in Iranian Music

UMEMIYA Hiromitsu
(梅宮 弘光)
umemiya [at] kobe-u.ac.jp
Personal Site
Professor Architectural History

History of Modern Architecture