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Throughout the long history of human existence we have generated culture in a number of different forms through a pressing desire to express our thoughts and emotions. Creative forms of expression such as music, modeling, and dance are manifestations of essential cultural and artistic behavior with a basis in man's survival instinct. These are set firmly in our lives as a vital aspect of the development and personality creation that is particular to humankind, and they are art forms that have been inherited forever. The Human Expression-Creation course involves examining the potential of creative expression, which is at the core of human existence, and engaging in practical study with a focus on music and art from various aspects, the aim of which is to question ourselves and the society about the meaning of existence and the future of civilization. The course also approaches the theme of “comprehensive creation of expression in time and space,” which involve a plethora of expressive forms that goes beyond the normal framework of study. The objective here is to use individual unique energies and personalities in the creation of a cooperative and harmonious expressive world. This aim is achieved through students’ putting on a performance as part of the compulsory subject of “Expressive-Creation”; it also allows students to practice arts management while studying the entire process from the planning to the performance stage. A further objective of the course is to examine modern, cutting-edge forms of expression created through multimedia and new technologies, with a view of producing new, dynamic creators and facilitators who are able to lead the next generation. Essentially, in addition to helping students develop a keen awareness of the aspects with sharp sense and insight concerning the magnificence of beauty and nature, this course also offers students a rich balance of leadership skills and situational awareness that can lead to the advanced study of management and political science. We are certain that human-power with sense of beauty and skills will pave the way toward future and advances and harmony among mankind.


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(岸本 吉弘)
yoshiki [at] kobe-u.ac.jp
Professor Painting Expression

Creation and Research of Contemporary Painting